Levels of jewellery retouching

At JR team we have edited over thousands of images for leading brands, retailers, and commercial photo studios. The principles expressed here are based on our experience. Jewellery Image retouching is most sought after and popular service of our company. With acute focus on jewellery photo editing, we have many happy clients including E-commerce online retailers, Jewellery designers, and photographers all over the globe. Our expert team of retouchers pay attention to every detail and meticulously work to produce alluring results, which eventually lead to absolutely convincing jewel showcase and increase its scalability.

We offer three different levels of jewellery retouching;


Basic Retouching



Basic retouching is generally used for imitation or semi-precious kind of jewellery where the product should look beautiful placed on the mono color background. In this process, we outline the product and retouch the minimum. This is followed by color color correction and reflection or shadow. In fine, we apply a mono color background to improve photo appearance.



Classic Retouching


Classic Retouching is basically doing everything done at Basic Retouching level, while also making more subjective/aesthetic decisions to improve image quality. The level focuses on cleanup, i.e., removal and replacement of obviously unwanted details. In this scenario, there are few aesthetic procedures carried out to essentially perform repairs. Classic Retouching is recommended in most instances since it aims at getting all the cleanup of basic retouching along with few improvements that are relevant to a particular product image.


High-End Retouching


The name of this retouching level suggests its meaning: In this level, we provide high-end jewellery service because we understand the meaning of highly retouched images in your jewellery business.

For you to drive more sales in your jewellery business, you definitely should invest more on the images of your products. Our expert retouching professionals pay attention to the details and ensure that the images are extremely attractive and outstanding.We take our time to make sure that we create truly compelling images.

In the High-End Level editing, we carry out the following procedures.

  • Color correction ·
  • Removing bad reflections and adding right ones
  • Replacing the background
  • Stones, diamonds enhancement or replacement
  • Metal enhancement and shines

Most big brands select the High-end editing level not because they can afford it but they knows the impact it has on the customers,  90 % of the time they click on it and buy.

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